Hidden Objects Puzzles

Can you find odd one out monkey in this picture?

It is always fun to solve puzzles like, find 7 hidden people in this picture or find the difference between 2 images. I love solving odd one out puzzles where, you are asked to look for something which doesn’t match with other objects in picture.

Here is a puzzle picture, there are four monkeys in this picture. Can you find which monkey is different than other 3.

Find odd one out monkey

find Odd one out monkey puzzle

In the first glance, it may look like that all 4 monkeys look just same with no noticeable difference. However, there is a monkey with a small difference and you can find it, if you look it very closely.

You can always scroll down to find answer if, you are finding it hard to see the odd one out monkey.

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Find odd one out monkey Answer

Check the hand of 3rd Monkey. It is missing a line. Everything else is same in all 4 monkeys except the difference in green circled area for 3rd monkey.