3 brothers each has 3 brother then how many total puzzle

After last quiz in which Only 5% people could score 90% or more , here is another brainteaser to trick your brain. This is simple puzzle where you need to find out total number of people however, it is little tricky so take your time before you answer this.

As per a report, 60-70% people answer to question without clearly understanding it. Other 30-40% people, who give some time to listen and understand the question are mostly able to give correct answer to even a tricky question.

Here is brainteaser for you. Let’s see if you belong to 30-40% group or other one.

Brainteaser Puzzle

I have 3 brothers.
And each brother has 3 brothers.
How many are we?

Before you give any answer, just read the question again to see if you understood correctly. This brainteaser looks straightforward however, there may be some tricky thing about it and that’s what make it a brainteaser or puzzle.

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Okay, if you have scrolled till this down then, you must have solved brainteaser published above.

You can match your answer and see if you got it right.

3 brothers each has 3 brother then how many total puzzle answer

There are total 4 people


I have 3 brothers means. Total 3 people excluding me so if I count myself total 4 people.
Each brother has 3 brothers. It is same as above statement still there would be 4 people

Check this to understand if any doubt. Each color line indicate relationship between all 4.

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